Becoming a Turkish Citizen by Buy Property in Turkey

Turkey Residence Permit Buy Property, there are many benefits of becoming a Turkish citizen by purchasing property in Turkey. However, it is important to note that there are restrictions and requirements for buying real estate in Turkey. Foreigners who plan to purchase property in Turkey should call the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (MoEHU) and report their plans. They can do this by calling the ministry on phone number 181.

Short-Term Residence Permits are issued separately for each foreigner

When buying property in Turkey, a foreigner must get a short-term residence permit before settling. This permit is valid for one year but can be extended several times for two years. To apply, a foreigner must purchase a property and have a registered address in Turkey. The Turkish government can approve residence permits only after a foreigner meets certain criteria.

They are issued for a maximum of two years

Turkish citizenship is not an automatic right to own property in the country. However, the government has eased restrictions on foreigners who want to buy property in Turkey. Foreigners can open Turkish bank accounts and transfer their money to them. Another option is to open a Turkish bank account at a Gulf Turkish participation bank. Kuwait Turkish Participation Bank and Finance Bank are both examples of such banks. Once the money is transferred, the buyer can ask for the funds in their own countries.

Short Term Residence Permit

They are based on Tape (Title Deed)

Shared titles are based on a property’s Tapu. Shared titles reduce the property’s ownership rights and limit the owner’s freedom of decision-making. For example, landlords with shared ownership titles cannot mortgage against co-owned real estate. A red Tapu document shows a project’s independent sections or usage areas, while a pink title deed shows certain shares are taken.
They are a one-time application

When you buy residential real estate in Turkey, you are eligible to apply for a long-term residence permit. This type of permit is different from a tourist visa in that it allows you to live in Turkey for longer than three months. A tourist visa does not allow you to work or own a business in Turkey, so a long-term residence permit is required if you plan to stay in Turkey for more than three months.

If you plan to live in Turkey permanently, you must gather the residency paperwork. You will need to provide proof of residency, such as a copy of a notarized contract, a title deed, or other documentation from the local Rufus office.

They are issued separately

Whether you are looking for a permanent or temporary residence permit, buying a property in Turkey is the best way to begin living in the country. You can purchase a residence permit for up to 5 years, which can be extended up to 4 times. A residence permit can be issued to a single person or a family. If you are a family, you can apply for joint residence permits for two people, but it is best to get these permissions separately.

They are extended in certain periods

If you are a foreigner, buying property in Turkey will help you obtain a residence permit. You can extend your residence permit to include your family members. Furthermore, you can also get a Turkish work permit for your company. Additionally, it will be easier for you to find a job if you have a residence permit. Moreover, there are many benefits associated with owning property in Turkey.

They are difficult to obtain

A residence permit in Turkey can be obtained by buying a property. While the process of obtaining a residency permit is more complex than that of obtaining Turkish citizenship, it is far less difficult than acquiring a residence permit by other means. This type of residency requires a few documents, a residence tax, and a few weeks of paperwork. However, it is still worth trying, especially if you intend to spend the rest of your life in Turkey.

Buy Property in Emerging Markets and Get a Residence Permit

In the wake of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, more people are trying to get away from the European Union and buy property in emerging countries. While residency by investment programs are increasingly popular in Europe, they are expensive and inefficient. With high taxes and onerous regulations, many Nomad Capitalists are avoiding the European Union altogether. As a result, it makes more sense to invest in property in emerging markets, which often come at a lower price.

Residence Permit Issued for Two Years

Purchasing real estate in several European countries is an excellent way to obtain a residence permit. While you may not want to quit your job or attend school, you will be able to get a residency in several months. Additionally, investing in real estate can boost your investment portfolio and tax strategy, too.

So what’s the best way to get a residence permit in a foreign country? Here are some tips for success. Before buying property in Europe, do your research and understand the residency requirements of the country where you’re considering living.

The Portuguese residence permit by investment program gives you some flexibility when choosing a property to invest in. You can buy several properties, or invest in one property with the EUR500, 000 investment limit. For a single property, you must have purchased it at least five years ago.

In addition, you must purchase a medical insurance policy and household registration. If you’re successful, you can apply for citizenship. If you’re ready to take the plunge, you can purchase an investment property in Portugal through a Portugal-based company like Immigrant Invest. Moreover, you can buy property in Portugal remotely, letting your lawyers handle the real estate transaction.


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