Are you a foreign national living in China or planning to establish residency or citizenship in China? If so, you may need to obtain a Chinese ID card. In this article, we will explore what a china id card is, the benefits and limitations of having one, and how to buy a Chinese ID card.

What is a China ID Card?

A Chinese ID card is a government-issued document proving identity, residency, and citizenship. There are two types of ID cards in China: the resident ID card and the citizen ID card. The resident ID card is issued to foreign nationals with valid residency permits in China. In contrast, the citizen ID card is issued to Chinese citizens and serves as proof of citizenship.

Benefits of Having a Chinese ID Card

One of the primary benefits of having a Chinese ID card is that it serves as proof of identity, residency, and citizenship. This can be useful when applying for a job, accessing government services, or completing other activities requiring identity proof. In addition, the ID card can also be used as a travel document within China. Having a Chinese ID card can also make opening a bank account, applying for a credit card, or renting an apartment easier.

Benefits of Chinese ID Card

Limitations of Having a Chinese ID Card

One limitation of having a Chinese ID card is that it is not widely accepted as a form of identification outside of China. This can make traveling or conducting business in other countries difficult for Chinese citizens or foreign nationals with a resident ID card. In addition, the application process for obtaining an ID card can be time-consuming and require significant documentation.

ID card China 2023

To get an ID card in China in 2023, you must follow the same process as in previous years. If you are a Chinese citizen, you must go through the registration process at the Public Security Bureau in your local area, providing proof of identity, address, and other necessary information. Non-citizens wishing to obtain a residency permit must also undergo a similar registration process with the Public Security Bureau.

How to Buy a Chinese ID Card

To buy a Chinese ID card, you must first obtain a residency permit in China. This is usually done by registering with the local public security bureau and providing proof of residency, such as a rental agreement or property deed. Once the residency permit is obtained, you can apply for an ID card at the same bureau. The application process usually involves providing personal information and taking a photograph. So we are giving you a Chinese ID Card very easily. You contact us at Bestdocumen.

In summary, getting an ID card in China is possible, but the process can be complicated and time-consuming. So you can get a Chinese ID card by contacting us without any worries.

What Information is Contained in a China ID Card?

The following details are each displayed on the China ID Card:

Front of China ID Card

  • Issuing Authority (签发机关) – this gives the location of the public security bureau which issued the card.
  • Period of Validity (有效期限) – the period given depends on the age of the individual; citizens over 46 years are given a “long-term” card with no expiry date.

Back of China ID Card

  • Name (姓名) – in China, the surname is written first & most Chinese citizens have a single-character surname.
  • Gender (性别) – must be male (男) or female (女)
  • Ethnicity (民族) – China recognizes 56 different ethnic groups, with Han (汉) being by far the most common at over 90%
  • Date of Birth (出生) – written in form Year (年) Month (月) Day (日)
  • Address (住址) – although many Chinese citizens move away from home for work, this address usually refers to their “hometown address.”
  • Citizen Identity Number (公民身份号码) – read more about this below.

How does the China ID Card Citizen Identity Number work?

All Chinese citizens are issued a unique 18-digit Citizen Identity Number, which stays with them all their lives.

This national identification code follows a set pattern from which some basic information can be determined, such as place and date of Birth.

Here is a breakdown of how the number is created:

110101YYYYMMDD123XAddress CodeDate of Birth CodeOrder CodeChecksum

Address Code

The address code pinpoints a specific administrative division (in most cases, a district or county) where a Chinese citizen was born.

The first two digits of the Citizen Identity Number represent the province, the city’s next two digits, and the district or county’s final digits.

There are nearly 3000 different address codes, so it wouldn’t be practical to list them all here, but here are the province codes (i.e., the first two digits of the Citizen Identity Number) for each region of China:

North China (华北)

  • 11 – Beijing (北京)
  • 12 – Tianjin (天津)
  • 13 – Hebei (河北)
  • 14 – Shanxi (山西)
  • 15 – Inner Mongolia (内蒙古)

North-East China (东北)

  • 21 – Liaoning (辽宁)
  • 22 – Jilin (吉林)
  • 23 – Heilongjiang (黑龙江)

East China (华东)

  • 31 – Shanghai (上海)
  • 32 – Jiangsu (江苏)
  • 33 – Zhejiang (浙江)
  • 34 – Anhui (安徽)
  • 35 – Fujian (福建)
  • 36 – Jiangxi (江西)
  • 37 – Shandong (山东)

Central China (华中)

  • 41 – Henan (河南)
  • 42 – Hubei (湖北)
  • 43 – Hunan (湖南)

South China (华南)

  • 44 – Guangdong (广东)
  • 45 – Guangxi (广西)
  • 46 – Hainan (海南)

South West China (西南)

  • 50 – Chongqing (重庆)
  • 51 – Sichuan (四川)
  • 52 – Guizhou (贵州)
  • 53 – Yunnan (云南)
  • 54 – Tibet (西藏)

northwest China (西北)

  • 61 – Shaanxi (陕西)
  • 62 – Gansu (甘肃)
  • 63 – Qinghai (青海)
  • 64 – Ningxia (宁夏)
  • 65 – Xinjiang (新疆)

Even if a Chinese citizen changes their hukou (household registration) to a different province, their citizen identity number doesn’t change.

An interesting example is that older citizens of Chongqing have ID numbers beginning with 51 rather than 50, as Chongqing was carved out of Sichuan in 1997 to create a new province.

Date of Birth Code

These eight digits are the individual’s date of Birth in the format Year, Month, and Day.

Order Code

Interestingly with this 3-digit number, odd numbers are issued to males and even to females. No other discernible information is revealed.


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