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Everyone wants to live in a country where they will get all kinds of facilities. You will want to access better security, environment, education, medical treatment, amusement, etc. This is why many people desire to get a UK passport and citizenship.

Are you one of them? Do you want to buy a UK passport? Hold on, you have come to the right place. We will inform you on how you can get a real UK passport.  

How To Buy a Real UK Passport 

The United Kingdom is among the top 10 most desirable places for living. People all over the world are highly interested not only in visiting Britain but in living there. But you don’t always get to choose.  If you are interested in buying a real UK passport, you can directly contact us. We will help you through your process of buying a UK passport. But before that let’s discuss some of the best ways to get a UK passport. 

Buy a Real UK Passport 

There are a few ways to legally acquire a British passport. These are by birth registration, marriage, and naturalization.

Process Of Getting A UK Passport Through Registration

If someone wants to get a UK passport through registration, the person has to fulfill some prerequisites. Those are- 

  1. The age has to be under 18
  2. At least one parent has to be a UK citizen
  3. The parents have to own a permanent residence in the UK or have a visa that allows them to acquire it. 

Getting UK Citizenship By Marriage 

Marrying a British citizen opens up a way to get a UK passport. This one is probably the easiest way for a foreign person to have UK citizenship. So in this case one needs to

  1. Get married to a British citizen 
  2. Spend three years living in Britain as a settled person. 

After that time, one will be eligible for applying for a UK passport. 

Getting A UK Passport By Naturalization 

In this process, you will have to wait long enough time to get UK citizenship but all this time is worthwhile. Why? Because it’s none other than Great Britain. 

Now, look at the time frame and requirements to obtain a UK passport through naturalization. 

5 Years–  If you live in the UK for 2 to 3 years with an Investor visa(Tier 1), then you can apply for permanent residence or Indefinite Leave to Remain(ILR). 

You may have a question that what is Indefinite Leave to Remain(ILR)? Well, this is a very important stage in getting a UK passport. We will inform you more about this topic later. 

5 Years– If one marries a UK citizen or someone with ILR. 

6 Years– If you live in the UK for 5 years with an immigrant visa that allows you to acquire ILR

10 Years– Many people come to the UK to study or a job and they get permanent residence. You may have heard about this before. You may start with a student visa and then get a job permit. After spending 10 long years, you will be able to apply for citizenship. 

20 Years– If one lives in Britain for 20 years illegally, still the person can get the chance to be a permanent resident there. The only requirement, in this case, is the person can not have any criminal record or deportation warrant. 

But what if you don’t want to wait for that long or you have an emergency? Therefore, we provide you fake UK passport. Buying a fake passport from the UK is now easier than ever before. 

What is Indefinite Leave to Remain(ILR)

We have used this term couple of times in this article. We feel the need to clear out the term “ILR”. ILR gives you the right to live, study or work as long as you want. And you can also apply for various benefits that you are eligible for.  

Stages For Getting UK Passport

There are 3 stages for getting a UK passport. First of all, you have to spend the required amount of time on a legal visa. The visa can be an investor visa, innovator visa, student visa, etc. 

Number 2 is that your visa has to have the feature of getting permanent residence. 

After spending 12 months with ILR, you can apply for a British passport. 

If you need a passport very urgently, you can buy a fake UK passport from us. 

Getting UK Passport

Different Kinds Of Immigrant Visas That Entitles To Permanent Residence

  • Tier 1 Investment visa for big investors
  • Tier 2 working visa from a company
  • Sole Representative visa for only business representatives in the UK.
  • Global talent visa for academics, scholars, cultural or scientific workers
  • Start-up visa for unique and exceptional business that doesn’t exist in the UK already. 
  • An Innovator visa is issued only to the IT sector. But it’s very tough to get because of its complex procedure.

Basic Conditions For UK Citizenship

Regardless of the visa you have, there are some basic conditions to fulfill for buying a UK passport. 

  1. Have to live in the UK for at least 6 years. 
  2. Obeying all the rules and regulations of the UK
  3. Having a sufficient income to bear the living cost
  4. Stable mental condition and free from infectious diseases such as tuberculosis 
  5. Knowledge of the English language on the B1 level 
  6. Having passed the British history test 
  7. Swear an oath of obedience to the monarch
  8. Confirm the desire to live in the UK or maintain the relationship with Britain. 


The United Kingdom is a dream country for many. The UK is a rich country with a long tradition of democracy.

Starting from the basic rights to higher education and better treatment, the UK is the holder of the trust of people around the globe. 

So it’s common for people to buy real UK passports. Though there are various ways of getting a UK passport, we suggest taking our services for your convenience. 


Can I pay for UK citizenship?

You can not pay for UK citizenship. If you are an adult foreigner, you have a lot of ways to get British citizenship which is discussed above. 

What is the fastest way to get British citizenship?

The fastest way to get British citizenship is a Tier 1 Investor Visa. With this visa, you can get citizenship after only 3 years. 

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